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An introduction to A.A.A.W.A. Ltd.


  • Aircraft Executive Valeting International was founded in 1984 as an aircraft cleaning company

  • After the start-up of AEV International, other companies came naturally, such as Aero Express Painters International, Aircraft Executive Interiors International, Aircraft Exclusive Manpower International, all with the same vision in mind.

  • In 1999 it was decided by all these companies to form :

Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association Ltd.

    The Association (AAAWA) Ltd. is in all essence an 'Aviation Think-Tank' with a commercial division that would market each specialty of each associated company, thus offering the industry an array of highly qualified and specialized people in their own realm, serving the needs of the client, to be more efficient, safe, secure, saving money on fuel, and this in a timely matter, in conjunction with client's maintenance department and offering  a step by step report (Status and Compliance Report) of anything performed on their aircraft.

    The Association also takes care of the invoicing of the different companies and the follow up of those invoices, all in accordance with IATA Rules and Regulations.

                    The 'ONE-STOP-SHOP' Aviation Solution


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