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 XP Parcel Systems(The Netherlands), Rijnmond Air Services(The Netherlands), EAT/DHLEurope (Belgium), Holland Aero Lines(The Netherlands), Schreiner Airways (The Netherlands), TNT Express Airlines(U-K) , Nurnberger Flugdienst(Germany),Westdeutsche Luftfahrt Dienst (Germany), Trans European Airlines (Belgium), Air Bridge(U-K), Hunting Cargo Airlines(U-K), Air Cargo Lines(U-K), World Airlines(USA), Sabena(Belgium),
CitiBird (Belgium), Air Atlantique (U-K), DHL (USA), Renown Aviation(USA), JBQ Aviation (USA), Air de Cologne (Germany), Dynamic Airlines (The Netherlands), IcelandAir (Iceland), Tulip Air (The Netherlands), Southern Air Inc. (USA), Fred Olsen (Norway), Express1 (USA)


                    The 'ONE-STOP-SHOP' Aviation Solution
(over 53,000 aircraft serviced to date)


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