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Projects ready for implementation

AAAWA Ltd. has developed an environment oriented multifunctional multiple bay M.R.O. hangar, capable of servicing up to 8 wide- (Boeing B-747 8/Airbus A-380)and 8 narrow body (Boeing B 787/Airbus A-320) or any multiples of aircraft at one specific period. (project details)

  • AAAWA's "M.E.P. II" Project 

By the year 2005, Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association (A.A.A.W.A.) Ltd, had fully developed its most modern commercial aircraft "Multi-purpose Environmental Project" (from here on referred to as the "MEP II") in the world. The 'MEP II' is the improved version of the original "MILLENNIUM ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT".

The Water Recycling and Retention System incorporated in the MEP II, will meet the most rigorous environmental requirements for the next 25 years.

The commercial division comprised by the departments A.E.V. International, A.E.D. International, A.E.I. International  and A.E.M. International, four of five departments of A.A.A.W.A. Ltd., will operate from the facility year round for both fully automatic exterior washing and detailing of the aircraft as well as interior cleaning, de-icing, special pre- maintenance cleaning services, cleaning of ground equipment, handling of aircraft toilet systems, the fuelling and de-fuelling of aircraft and the de-condensations of aircraft fuel tanks, all being performed on an enclosed area serviced by this retention - and recycling plant.

Using A.E.V. International's field-proven methodology, commercial aircraft are currently washed using up to 40% less water and up to 80% less detergents at ca. 50 % less manpower, this in conjunction with the maintenance cycle of the aircraft and rendering up to 5% on fuel savings, finding its effects on the Co2 output of said aircraft.

During the winter season, during those times that de-icing events are mandated, the MEP II will use the most effective infrared energy technology to date, resulting in up to 90% reduction of chemical de-icing (glycol) fluids.

A.E.D. International will supply the de-icing service for all aircraft entering the MEP II.

A.E.M. International in the meantime can provide the expert manpower for every operation on any type of aircraft.

                    The 'ONE-STOP-SHOP' Aviation Solution
(over 53,000 aircraft serviced to date)


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