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Company profile

  • In February 1999, AAAWA (Allied Aircraft Assistance Worldwide Association) Ltd. was founded to offer the aviation industry the possibility in having several independent companies working closely together in order to supply a variety of services. Be it in the interior- and exterior refurbishing, exterior- and interior cleaning of fleets, the line- or heavy maintenance, delivering of manpower or the development of new solutions and facilities - AAAWA Ltd. offers to airlines and airports a wide array of aircraft services.

  • The company's big advantage is that a single provider renders all of those services. Our customers are spared the laborious task of having to coordinate the activities of multiple suppliers. This saves them time and money

  • In November 2002 all the associated companies amalgamated with AAAWA Ltd. to underwrite the essence of their services effectively creating an 'Aviation Think-Tank with a commercial division.

                    The 'ONE-STOP-SHOP' Aviation Solution
(over 53,000 aircraft serviced to date)


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