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    AAAWA's Services

    Exterior Cleaning of Aircraft -  The AEV department has a multiple of tailor-made exterior cleaning services to complement our clients operations, may this be a normal wash all the way to an in depth technical cleaning of the aircraft, integrated with our client's aircraft maintenance cycle. (More info...)

    Interior Cleaning of Aircraft -  The AEI department in general offers the same services any ground handling company would do, but is able to think out of the box in helping to find the best possible solutions. It has developed a series of interior cleaning programs, specially designed for the ‘freighter section’ of the aviation industry creating astonishing financial results for its clients.

    Environment friendly De-icing of Aircraft - The AED department has adapted the most environment friendly de-icing system, doing away with 90% to 100% of de-icing fluids (glycol) that are particularly toxic. This gets done in a safe and secure environment whereby no movable objects are used, totally avoiding the possibility of damages to the aircraft during operations.

    Exterior - & Interior Painting of Aircraft  -  The AEP department has secured the most environment friendly methods in the repainting of both the exterior and interiors of aircraft, thus making sure that personnel in doing their job are working with safe, secure and healthy procedures and materials.

    Aviation Manpower Supply  -  The AEM department has in her books a great number of aviation personnel familiar with environment friendly operations and offers OTJ (On the job training) to every one that wants to become a specialist in this field, next to the fact that it has contacts with nearly all the other agencies to make sure that sufficient labor is guaranteed.

    Aircraft Expresse Spare-parts - The AES department is a relevant new department and is set up to provide the right part to be at the site it needs to be in the shortest possible time and if needed can arrange for the right fitters in case specialist help is warranted.

                    The 'ONE-STOP-SHOP' Aviation Solution
(over 53,000 aircraft serviced to date)


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