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Sometimes impossibilities are made possible. History has proven that a million times and it is within the nature of any living creature, man, animal or even plant alike to find a way to overcome obstacles even to the extend having to endure bitter hardships.

AAAWA’s “Think-Tank” Division have taken that attitude coming up with suggestions, that on the face of it might sound impossible, even ridiculous maybe, but in the end when the these proposals mean an end to a situation that looked impossible to conquer to begin with………?

There are situations whereby AAAWA offers food for thought, willing to enter into a discussion or when passed that join in to offer the industry it’s vast knowledge and there are situations whereby AAAWA actually has come forward with true concepts benefiting the Aviation Industry, like it’s “STAR Hangar” and “MEP II” projects.

Initially AAAWA will always look out for existing solutions used in other industries and bringing them together in the aviation industry, amalgamating them, to come up with an end concept that effectively is benefiting not just the industry but the environment as well.

Those reasons mentioned above have led AAAWA to work on several ideas: 

          a) The “Landlocked Aircraft Carrier”! 

Outrageous as it might sound, this is a concept that might help land locked airports to make more use of their existing features, by for instance turn part of its operations underground. This possibility enables those airports to enlarge their workable space by up to 300 % easily, but although the costs initially might seem to be high, the end result is that the airport is still able to grow and serve the community.

Again, AAAWA is not laying claim to this concept as brand new, since nations worldwide are using this concept already for nearly 80 years in the form of their navy’s aircraft carriers: Have the runway and tower on top and the rest of the operation is conducted below the deck. What else is an aircraft carrier more than an airport in open waters ? 

          b) Helping Airports and Aircraft Operators to lower fuel consumption, at the same time helping them to curb the Co2 footprint of both aircraft as well as airport.

Aiding and preserving the environment does not exclude making use of that same environment. AAAWA has created several systems whereby the concept relied on the cooperation of nature itself to create a top, state of the art, unparalleled service, offering the airline operators savings on fuel of up to 5% and equally curbing the carbon footprint of the aircraft involved.

AAAWA has come up with a concept for airport designers, whereby common sense, next to the help of mother nature is actually helping the airline industry to curb both fuel consumption and carbon footprint again, not by certain “take off”- or “landing” procedures, as that is already implemented by many airlines, but by changing the environment in which that is happening. 

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